Budker Institute of
Nuclear Physics,
Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science,
Novosibirsk, Russia
September 19-22, 2011

International Workshop on e+e- collisions from Phi to Psi

The "International Workshop on e+e- collisions from phi to psi" (PHIPSI11) was held at Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP), Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, Novosibirsk, Russia, from September 19 to 22, 2011. This is the eighth workshop in a series, which started in Karlsruhe in 1996 and continued in Novosibirsk (1999), SLAC (2001), Pisa (2003), Novosibirsk (2006), Frascati (2008), Beijing (2009). The aim of the Workshop is to discuss in detail the state of the art of various problems in hadronic physics at low energy e+e- colliders and the potential of existing and future facilities.

Scientific Program

The aim of the Workshop is to review the status and progress in physics of low-energy e+e- collisions and related fileds. The main topics include:

  • Spectroscopy of light and heavy quarks
  • R measurements
  • Muon g-2
  • tau lepton physics
  • gamma gamma physics
  • Flavor (physics of K and D mesons)
  • Radiative corrections and ISR
  • Symmetries (lepton flavor violation, lepton universality)
  • Baryon Form factors
  • Machines and detectors

The program will consist of plenary and poster sessions.

Satellite Meeting

The Workshop will be followed by the Xth meeting of the Working Group on Radiative Corrections and Monte Carlo Generators for Low Energies, held on September 23-24. The aim of this Working Group is to bring together theorists and experimentalists in order to discuss the current status of radiative corrections and Monte Carlo generators at low energies. Further information on the working group and its previous meetings can be found at SIGHAD home page. Please do the additional registration, if you plan to attend the satellite meeting and send us the title of your talk and the time you need.

International Advisory Committee

Henryk Czyz Univ. of Katowice
Mikhail Danilov ITEP, Moscow
Achim Denig Univ. of Mainz
Bostjan Golob Univ. of Ljubljana
Christoph Hanhart Juelich, Forschungszentrum
Fred A. Harris Univ. of Hawaii
Hisaki Hayashii Univ. of Nara
Gino Isidori INFN-LNF, Frascati
Alexandr Korchin PTI, Kharkov
Andrzej Kupsc Univ. of Uppsala
Alberto Lusiani Scuola Normale Superiore and INFN Pisa
Stephen Lars Olsen Seoul National Univ.
Alexander Olshevsky JINR, Dubna
Massimo Passera Padova Univ. and INFN, Padova
Antonio Pich IFIC, Univ. of Valencia
B. Lee Roberts Boston Univ.
Yoshihide Sakai KEK, Tsukuba
Luca Trentadue Parma Univ. and INFN, Parma
Graziano Venanzoni INFN-LNF, Frascati
Chang-Zheng Yuan IHEP, Beijing
Alexander Zaitsev IHEP, Protvino

Local Organizing Committee

A. Bondar (Chair)
S. Eidelman
F. Ignatov
M. Kuzin
N. Logutenko
A. Prokopenko
A. Vinokurova