List of Invited Participants

No. Name reg. e-mail Talk
1 A.Farilla + The detection eta,eta' at DAFNE with KLOE
2 G.Cabibbo + CP and CPT violation at DAFNE
3 C.Luisi + The detection a0, f0 at DAFNE with KLOE
4 R.Baldini + Nucleon form factors in the time-like region
5 M.Biagini + Dafne phi-factory status report
6 J.Gasser + Chiral Dynamics
7 X.Guofa + The Measurement of Electromagnetic Form Factors of Light Hadrons at E_cm=2.6 GeV
8 M.Benanyoun +
9 R.Eichler + PSI results/plans, rare muon decays
10 J.Thompson +
11 S.Ishida + Super-relativistic versus Non-relativistic View Points of particle classification and New Scalar and Axial-Vector Mesons
12 M.Ishida + Observation of SIGMA(600)/KAPPA(900) and possible classification of chiral scalar nonet
13 T.Sawada + Pion form factor, anomaly og pi-pi phase shift
14 M.Doser + Crystal Barrel results
15 J.Napolitano + Status and Plans of Experimental Investigation of Light Hadron Spectroscopy at Jefferson Lab
16 M.Mikuz + Results of CPLEAR experiment
17 S.Olsen + Review of PSI-physics (?)
18 K.Takamatsu + Low mass pi0pi0 system in pi - p charge exchange process and light mesons
19 M.Hayakava +; New physics and g-2
20 W.Buck + Kaon Form Factors from a quark model
21 S.Teige + Status of Radphi experiment at JLab
22 K.Ozawa + Measurements of nuclear media modification on Phi -> e+e- decays at KEK-PS
23 C.Bini + Status of KLOE
24 A.Lesquen + no talk
25 F.Jegerlehner +
26 S.Sarwar + The FINUDA detector at DAFNE
27 M.Bertani + The FINUDA physics program at DAFNE
28 A.Czarnecki + Muon anomalous magnetic moment in the standard model
29 P.Shanahan + Results from KTeV-E832 at Fermilab
30 A.Buijs + The formation of charmonium resonances via two-photon reactions
31 R.King + The DEAR Experiment at DAFNE
32 F.Piccinini + Large-angle Bhabha scattering and luminosity at low energy e+e- machines
33 S.Redin + BNL muon g-2 experiment
34 S.Ritt + The Pion-Beta Experiment at PSI
35 K.Melnikov + Measuring \sigma(e+e- -> hadrons) using tagged photons
36 B.Gorini +
37 F.Grancagnolo + Design of a tracking chamber for a storage ring at intermediate energy

Russian Participants

No. Name Affiliation Talk
1 A.Zaitsev IHEP, Protvino, Russia Studies of meson spectroscopy with VES
2 Yu.Kalashnikova ITEP, Moscow, Russia Higher vector states and vector hybrids
3 B.Geshkenbein ITEP, Moscow, Russia
4 S.Gerasimov JINR, Dubna, Russia Towards hadron spectroscopy based on relativistic Schroedinger type equations. The case of vector mesons.
5 D.Shirkov JINR, Dubna, Russia Ghost-free QCD with non power expansion for observables
6 I.Solovtsov JINR, Dubna, Russia
7 Yu.Kudenko INR, Troitsk, Russia Test of T and direct CP-violation in kaon decays
8 A.Kataev INR, Troitsk, Russia Adler function from R measurements and QCD
9 V.Stibunov INP, Tomsk, Russia
10 V.Schegelsky INP, Gatchina, Russia Exclusive production of hadronic states in gamma-gamma collisions with L3