Budker Institute of
Nuclear Physics,
Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science,
Novosibirsk, Russia
September 19-22, 2011

International Workshop on e+e- collisions from Phi to Psi


Please check the the Agenda of the Workshop and inform us about any omissions and mistakes. We'll appreciate your feedback about the title of your talk, affiliation etc.

Final agenda for PhiPsi11 Workshop (September 19-22, 2011)

Monday, September 19
8.50,9.05 Shuttle from the hotel "Zolotaja Dolina" to BINP
9.00-9.50 Registration (BINP main Entrance)
9.50-10.00 Welcome speech Prof. A.Skrinsky
10.00-11.30 Mesons of light quarks (chair A. Skrinsky)
20'A few lessons from QCD perturbative analysis at low energies D. Shirkov (JINR,Dubna) pdf
15'Electromagnetic form factor of pion in the field theory inspired approach A. Kozhevnikov (IM,Novosibirsk)pdf
15'Light scalars, analytical pipi scattering amplitude, the Roy equations, and chiral expansion A. Kiselev (IM,Novosibirsk) pdf
20'Three-Pion Decays of the tau Lepton, the a_1(1260) Properties, and the a_1-rho-pi Lagrangian P. Lichard (Opava) pdf
20'On relativization of the Sommerfeld-Gamow-Sakharov factor A. Arbuzov (JINR,Dubna) pdf
11.30-12.00 Coffee break
12.00-13.00 Mesons of light quarks (chair G. Venanzoni)
15'Threshold pion production in DIS D. Ivanov (IM,Novosibirsk) pdf
20'Scalar mesons in VES experiment Yu. Khokhlov (IHEP,Protvino) pdf pptx
25'Results and prospects on light meson spectroscopy with KLOE/KLOE-2 F. Nguyen (Roma) pdf
13.10 Group photo (BINP main Entrance)
13.10-14.30 Lunch
14.30-16.10 Mesons of light quarks (chair A. Kupsc)
20'Progress in light hadron spectroscopy at BESIII S. Fang (IHEP,Beijing) pdf
20'First results from CMD-3 at VEPP-2000 E.P. Solodov (BINP) ppt pdf
20'First results from SND at VEPP-2000 S.I. Serednyakov (BINP) ppt
20'Light meson Decay studies at Hadron Machines Ch. Redmer (Uppsala) pdf
20'Meson decays with Crystal Ball at MAMI M. Unverzagt (Mainz) pdf
16.10-16.40 Coffee break
16.40-18.00 Mesons of light and heavy quarks (chair E. Nardi)
20'The role of final-state interactions in Dalitz plot studies B. Kubis (Bonn) pdf
15'Radiative decays of charmed mesons in the Covariant Oscillator Quark Model T. Maeda (Nihon Univ.) pdf
15' t-quark as a resonance A. Kaloshin (Irkutsk) pdf
15'Charged charmonium-like states as rescattering effects in B -> D_sJ D^(*) P.Pakhlov (ITEP) ppt
15'eta(1475) and f_1(1420) resonances in J/psi to gamma(rhorho, gammarho^0, gammaphi) decays and gammagamma^* collisions G. Shestakov (IM,Novosibirsk) pdf
18.00-19.20 Excursion over BINP
19.30-22.00 Reception
Tuesday, September 20
09.00-10.40 Spectroscopy of heavy quarks (chair J. Zmeskal)
20'Recent results from KEDR C.Yu. Todyshev (BINP) pdf
20'Recent results on bottomonium from BelleA. Garmash (BINP) pdf
20'Study of the charmonium spectroscopy at BESIII A. Zhemchugov (JINR) pdf
20'Charmonium decays at BESIII P. Wang (IHEP,Beijing) ppt
20'New states with heavy quarks M. Karliner (Tel Aviv) pdf ppt
10.40-11.10 Coffee break
11.10-13.10 gamma gamma physics (chair V.I. Telnov)
20'KEDR tagger V.N. Zhilich (BINP) pdf
20'Two-photon physics at KLOE/KLOE-2 F. Nguyen (Roma) pdf
20'Transition form factors and two-photon physics from BaBar A.A. Botov (BINP) ppt
20'Recent results on two-photon physics at Belle S. Uehara (KEK) pdf
15'EKHARA - new gamma gamma generator S. Ivashyn (Kharkov) pdf
25'Study of Light Scalars in Photon-Photon collisions, the learned Lessons N. Achasov (IM,Novosibirsk) pdf
13.10-14.30 Lunch
14.30-16.00 gamma gamma and tau lepton physics (chair Z. Was)
15'Pseudoscalar meson transition form factors in nonperturbative QCD approach A. Dorokhov (JINR) pdf
15'Pion-photon transition form factor in light-cone sum rules and pi DA: Global data fit A. Bakulev (JINR) pdf
15'Issues for alpha_s from hadronic tau lepton decay and electroproduction data K. Maltman (York) pdf
15'Determination of alpha_s from tau's M. Jamin (Barcelona) pdf
15'Modelling hadronic currents for tau to 2pi nu and other decays of interest in TAUOLA P. Roig (Barcelona) pdf
16.00-16.30 Coffee break
16.30-18.30 Tau lepton physics (chair K. Maltman)
20'Search for CP violation in tau -> Kspinu decays at BaBar F. Anulli (Frascati) pdf
20'Recent LFV results on tau lepton from Belle K. Hayasaka (Nagoya) pdf
20'Search for CP violation in tau -> Kspinu decays at Belle H. Hayashii (Nara) pdf
20'Measurements of the Branching Fractions of tau->K-Ks pi0 nu and tau->pi-Ks pi0 nu at Belle Soo Ryu (Seoul) pdf
20'Tau physics at CMS V. Cherepanov (Aachen) pdf
20'New hadronic currents in TAUOLA: for confrontation with the experimental data Z. Was (Krakow) pdf
19.00 Concert
Wednesday, September 21
09.00-10.35 Baryon Form Factors (chair B. Khazin)
20'First results on the baryon form factors from SND V.B.Golubev (BINP) ppt
15'First results on the proton form factor from CMD3 E. Gromov (BINP) pdf
20'Measurements of time-like baryon form factors via ISR at BaBar F. Anulli (Frascati) pdf
20'Baryon Form Factors at threshold R. Baldini (Rome) pdf
20'Measurement of the two-photon exchange contribution in elastic ep-scattering at VEPP-3 A. Gramolin (BINP) pdf
10.35-11.05 Coffee break
11.05-13.05 Baryon Form Factors, Symmetries (chair B. Shwartz)
20'The Lamb shift in hydrogen and muonic hydrogen and the proton charge radius S.G. Karshenboim (Pulkovo) ppt
20'New limit on LFV searches from the MEG experiment E. Baracchini (KEK) pdf
20'COMET and PRISM - Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation with Muons Y. Kuno (Osaka) pdf
20'Precision measurement of the positive muon lifetime by the MuLan collaboration V. Tishchenko (Kentucky) pdf
20'Lepton flavor violation in minimal flavor violation extensions of the seesaw E. Nardi (Frascati) pdf
20'Search for LFV in e+e- interactions M. Achasov (BINP) ppt
13.05-14.30 Lunch
14.30-16.25 New projects (chair E. Levichev)
20'Mu2e I. Logashenko (BINP) pdf ppt
25'Round beam collisions at VEPP-2000 Yu.M. Shatunov (BINP) ppt
25'Super-c-tau in Novosibirsk A.V. Bogomyagkov (BINP) ppt
25'PANDA at FAIR - an overview J. Zmeskal (Vienna) ppt
20'Beam Energy Measurement System at BEPC-II J. Zhang (IHEP,Beijing) pdf
16.25-16.55 Coffee break
17.00-18.00 Poster Session
19.30-23.00 Conference Dinner
Thursday, September 22
9.00-10.35 Hadronic cross sections and g-2 (chair A. Dorokhov)
20'Open Charm physics at BESIII A. Zhemchugov (JINR) pdf
20'KLOE measurement of e+e- ->pi+pi(gamma) with Initial State Radiation and the pi+pi- contribution to the muon anomaly P. Lukin (BINP) pdf
20'Recent results on hadron production via ISR at BABAR A. Hafner (Mainz) pdf
20'Hadronic Vacuum Polarization Contribution to g-2 from the Lattice K. Jansen (DESY-Zeuthen) pdf
15'The light-by-light contribution to the (g-2) of muon from lightest pseudoscalar and scalar mesons within nonlocal chiral quark model A. Radzhabov (Irkutsk) pdf
10.35-11.05 Coffee break
11.05-13.05 g-2 (chair A. Bondar)
25'The new muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab G. Venanzoni (Frascati) ppt
25'Muon g-2/EDM at J-PARC N. Saito (KEK) pdf
25'g-2: Status of the Standard Model prediction T. Teubner (Liverpool) pdf
20'A VMD estimate of the muon g-2, a HLS based approach M. Benayoun (Paris) ppt
25'g-2 and New Physics D. Nomura (Tohoku) pdf
13.05-14.30 Lunch
14.30-16.10 Flavor (chair M. Jamin)
20'R_c measurement at B factories P.N. Pakhlov (ITEP) ppt
20'NNLO Massive Corrections to Bhabha Scattering and Theoretical Precision of BabaYaga@NLO G. Montagna (Pavia) pdf
20'Kaonic atoms study with SIDDHARTA M.A. Iliesku (Frascati) ppt
20'Kaon experiments at CERN: NA48 and NA62 E. Goudzovski (Birmingham) pdf
20'KLOE results in kaon physics and prospects with KLOE-2 E. Czerwinski (Frascati) pdf
16.10-16.40 Coffee break
16.40-17.20 Flavor (chair Yu.Tikhonov)
25'Rare Kaon Decays: a reminder J. Portoles (Valencia) pdf
15'Brief Summary S. Eidelman (BINP) ppt

Xth meeting of the Working Group on Radiative Corrections and Monte Carlo Generators for Energies (September 23-24)